2002 Infiniti QX4 - General Information (Section GI) (56 pages)

Model: 2002 Infiniti QX4
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Manual Description

How to Follow Test Groups Trouble Diagnosis35, harness Wire Color Connector Number, tYPE HARNESS WIRE COLOR AND, cONNECTOR NUMBER ARE SHOWN IN TEXT36.

Key to Symbols Signifying Measurements, cONSULT-II Data Link Connector (DLC) Circuit41, lIFTING POINTS AND TOW TRUCK TOWING46, observe the following precautions to ensure safe proper.

SYSTEM (SRS) AIR BAG” AND SEAT BELT, the Supplemental Restraint System such as AIR BAG” SEAT, bELT PRE-TENSIONER” used along with a seat belt, helps, reduce the risk or severity of injury to the driver and front passenger for certain types of collision.

Which is available to INFINITI QX4 follows, the Supplemental Restraint System consists driver air bag, module (located in the center of the steering wheel), front passenger air bag module (located on instrument panel, passenger side), seat belt pre-tensioners, diagnosis sensor.

Unit, warning lamp, wiring harness spiral cable, the Supplemental Restraint System consists side air bag, module (located in the outer side of front seat), satellite sensor, diagnosis sensor unit (one of components of air bags.

Frontal collision), wiring harness, warning lamp (one of components of air bags frontal collision), information necessary to service the system safely included, the RS section Service Manual, ¼ To avoid rendering the SRS inoperative, which could.

Increase the risk of personal injury or death event, of a collision which would result in air bag inflation, all, maintenance must be performed by an authorized INFINITI, ¼ Improper maintenance, including incorrect removal.

Installation of the SRS, can lead personal injury caused, by unintentional activation of the system, spiral Cable and Air Bag Module, see RS section, to the SRS unless instructed to Service Manual.

SRS wiring harnesses can be identified with yellow harness connector (and with yellow harness protector or yellow insulation tape before harness connectors), iVIS (NATS) will immobilize the engine if someone tries start it, without the registered key IVIS (NATS), both of the originally supplied ignition key IDs have been IVIS.

The security indicator is located on the instrument panel, therefore, IVIS (NATS) warns outsiders that vehicle, ¼ When IVIS (NATS) detects trouble, security indicator lamp, lights up while ignition switch ON position.

This lighting up indicates that the anti-theft not functioning, ¼ When servicing IVIS (NATS) (trouble diagnoses, system initialization and additional registration of other IVIS (NATS) ignition, key IDs), CONSULT-II hardware CONSULT-II IVIS (NATS), regarding the procedures of IVIS (NATS) initialization.

IVIS (NATS) ignition key ID registration, refer CONSULT-II, therefore, CONSULT-II IVIS (NATS) software (program card, and operation manual) must be kept strictly confidential, maintain the integrity anti-theft function.

A maximum of five key IDs can be registered into IVIS (NATS), ¼ When failing to start the engine first time using key IVIS, (NATS) (for example, when interference caused by another.

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