1995 Lexus LS400 - Exterior Equipment (7 pages)

Model: 1995 Lexus LS400
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Manual Description
Before closing the hood, check to see that you have not, to open the hood, pull the hood lock release lever under, to open the trunk lid, insert the master key turn it, to close the trunk lid, lower it and press down it.

Closing the trunk lid, try pulling it up to make sure it securely, insert your fingers under the hood, push up auxiliary, it is designed to stop partway to prevent rain, to open the trunk lid while sitting in driver's seat, pull.

The lever with main switch on, keep the trunk lid closed while driving, keeps the luggage from being thrown out, but also, prevents exhaust gases entering vehicle.

Push in the main switch to turn it off, the master key turn it counterclockwise, to protect things put in the trunk, When you have your vehicle, parked, turn off the trunk lid opener system.

D Do not smoke, cause sparks allow open flames, d When opening the cap, do not remove cap, cause injury by spraying out of the filler neck, in case the opener not actuated.

Counterclockwise, then pause slightly before removing it, pull the manual lever toward back, this is used in case the fuel filler door cannot be opened due, to a discharged battery other trouble.

D Make sure the cap is tightened securely prevent, fuel spillage in case an accident, d Use only a genuine Lexus fuel tank cap, to slide open the moon roof, push switch toward.

The switch briefly opposite direction, if you open the moon roof, the sun shade will be opened with, to close the moon roof, push the switch toward front, the moon roof will move while the switch being pushed.

Partway before sliding fully closed, except when already more, then push it again close it completely, to tilt up the rear end of the moon roof, push switch, the rear side or on the front side lower it.

To operate the moon roof, the ignition key must be ON”, oFF” position, the moon roof can be operated until any, doors is opened ( or about 45 seconds), to avoid serious personal injury, you must do.

D While the vehicle is moving, always keep head, hands and other parts of the body all occupants, seriously injured if the vehicle stops suddenly, the vehicle is involved an accident.

D Always make sure nobody places his / her head, hands and other parts of the body roof opening, hands gets caught in the closing roof, it could result, make sure it is safe do so.

D Never leave small children alone vehicle, especially with the ignition key still inserted, could use the moon roof switches get trapped...

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