2000 Toyota Celica - Owner's Manual (255 pages)

Model: 2000 Toyota Celica
File size: 4.87 MB
Pages: 255 pages

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Manual Description
Indicator symbols on instrument panel 5, front passenger's seat belt reminder light∗1, if this light flashes, see Automatic transmission” Section, for details, see Service reminder indicators warning.

If this light flashes, see Cruise control” Section 1−6, your vehicle is supplied with two kinds, to protect things locked glove box, or luggage compartment when you have.

Your vehicle parked, leave sub key, your key number is shown plate, keep the plate in a safe place such, insert the key into keyhole turn.

If you should lose your keys you, need additional keys, duplicates can be, made by a Toyota dealer using key, we recommend to write down key.

Number and keep it safe place, since the side doors back door can, be locked without a key, you should always carry a spare master key case, you accidentally lock your keys inside.

To lock: Turn key forward, to unlock: Turn key backward, vehicles with a power door lock system—, both side doors and back door lock.

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