2000 Toyota Land Cruiser - Keys and Doors (22 pages)

Model: 2000 Toyota Land Cruiser
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Manual Description
A transponder chip engine immobiliser, system has been filled in head, needed to enable system function, correctly, so be careful not lose these.

You will not be able cancel system, to protect things locked glove box, when you have your vehicle parked, leave, your vehicle is supplied with two kinds.

Need it to make you new key with, since the side doors can be locked without a key, you should always carry, spare master key case you accidentally, lock your keys inside vehicle.

Remote control key, see ”Side doors”, when using a key containing a transponder chip, observe following, z When starting engine, do not, the key ring against key grip.

Otherwise the engine may not start, or may stop soon after it starts, material that cuts off electromagnetic waves, such as on dashboard hood.

Wash it an ultrasonic washer, use the key with other transponder, keys around (including keys of other vehicles) and do not press other, key plates against key grip.

This happens, remove key once, and then insert it again after taking, off other transponder keys (including keys of other vehicles), ring or while gripping covering.

Them with your hand start, your key number is shown plate, keep the plate in a safe place such, if you should lose your keys you.

Need additional keys, duplicates can be, made by a Toyota dealer using key, we recommend you to write down key, number and keep it safe place.

Transmits an electronic code to the vehicle, the electronic code in the chip corresponds to the registered ID code, the system is automatically set when, key is removed ignition switch.

The indicator light will start flashing every, seconds to show system set, if either of the following indicator conditions occurs, contact your Toyota dealer, d The indicator light stays except.

When the theft deterrent system is setting or activating, d The indicator light does not start flash, d The indicator light flashes unsteady, inserting the registered key ignition.

Which enables the engine start, for your Toyota dealer make you, new key with built−in transponder chip, your dealer will need your key number.

To the number additional keys your, toyota dealer can make you, if you make your own duplicate key.

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