2000 Toyota Tacoma - Air Conditioning System (8 pages)

Model: 2000 Toyota Tacoma
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Manual Description
Move the lever to adjust fan speed—, to the right to increase, left, use with the air intake selector positioned Fresh, for details about air flow selector settings.

See the illustration after A/C” button, turn the knob adjust temperature—, to the right to warm, to left cool, turning the Air Flow Selector to windshield position turns defroster.

Clear the front view more quickly, turn the knob to select vents used, vents and instrument panel vents, from the floor vents windshield.

If the A/C” button indicator flashes, there, move the lever to select air source, d To cool off your Toyota after it has, been parked in the hot sun, drive with.

The windows open few minutes, this vents the hot air, allowing air, conditioning to cool interior more, d Make sure the air intake grilles front.

D On humid days, do not blow cold air, d Keep the area under front seats, clear to allow air to circulate throughout vehicle, d On cold days, move fan speed.

HI” for a minute to help clear the intake ducts of snow moisture, can reduce the amount fogging, d When driving on dusty roads, close all, closing the windows, it recommended.

That the air intake selector be set, fRESH and the fan speed selector, d If following another vehicle dusty, road, or driving windy dusty.

Air intake selector be temporarily set, rECIRCULATE, which will close off, air and dust entering vehicle, for best results, set controls to.

D For quick heating, select recirculated, d For quick cooling, move air intake, windows from fogging, select fresh after the vehicle interior has been, selector to recirculate few minutes.

D Press the A/C” button dehumidified heating, d Choose floor/windshield air flow heat, the vehicle interior while defrosting, press the A/C” button dehumidified.

If air flow control not satisfactory, check, d To heat the vehicle interior while defrosting windshield, choose floor, on the windshield—the difference between the outside and inside temperatures could make fogging worse...